Geochemical Analyses

For the purposes of inorganic analytics, our Kempele Laboratory is equipped with ICP-OES and FAAS devices. When combined with different methods of sample processing (such as acid dissolution and liquid-liquid extraction), they enable a comprehensive and accurate analysis of different sample matrices.

At CRS Laboratories, we perform analyses both on our own account and as a subcontractor for our Canadian partner MSALABS, which is a global provider of geochemical laboratory services for mineral prospecting and mining industry. CRS Laboratories Oy is the representative of MSALABS in Finland.

Precious metals

  • PAL1000 -method
  • Fire assay -method
    • For gold, silver and platinum group metals
    • For trace element, ore and concentrate contents

Multi-element analysis by dissolution

CRS Laboratories provides you with advanced multi-element analyses. As our client, you will receive ICP-OES, ICP-MS and other types of analyses reliably and on a flexible schedule. Just as our other analysis services, the multi-element analyses can be performed within a short timeframe, if necessary.

  • Aqua regia extraction
  • Four acid dissolution
  • Fusion techniques
  • ICP-OES and ICP-MS-analysis

Solid matter analytics

We also provide our clients with a wide range of solid matter analysis methods without dissolution. Contact us for more information on our solid matter analytics services and other specialist and research services.

  • XRF analytics
  • Carbon and sulphur determination by combustion method

Other analyses

In addition to the abovementioned types of analysis, we offer a comprehensive range of other analysis services for different industries. Contact our personnel for more information on our analysis options.

  • Biogeochemistry
  • Hydrogeochemistry
  • Metallurgic analysis
  • Consulting
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