Success in international laboratory comparison

CRS Laboratories Oy's results were most accurate for PAL leaching method for gold analysis.

We participated in proficiency test organized by Independent Mineral Standards (IMS). Co-operation with IMS was smooth, and we both really got to share our expertise. The test was worldwide interlaboratory comparison of laboratories using PAL leaching method for gold analysis. Laboratories received three crushed gold reference materials and conducted analysis by their routine procedure. IMS processed the results and calculated z-scores for each laboratory. Our laboratory in Kempele had z-scores under 0.25 for all materials which can be considered as an excellent result (z-score <1 is generally considered as good). Overall comparison between the laboratories by summing up the rankings based on the z-score showed that our results were the most accurate. These results are outcome of systematic method development, comprehensive quality control and skilled laboratory staff!